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Summertime’s coming….

We have the first of two field trips today….2nd one is tomorrow…..our days have been filled with flood damage repair and trying to catch up with mowing, etc….still continues to rain every few days….we have a good intern from Indiana with us now, so she has helped us out a lot…..we are in the middle […]

And the Ranch goes on……

We were able to repair most of the damage at the main part of the ranch, and had 125 people at a wedding on Saturday, as well as two school field trips this week. From here we move to fields, creek crossings, roads, and trying to restore most of that!

Record flood damage…#3 update 5/05/17

Latest rain is another 4 inches…..finally supposed to stop and dry out for a few days….now have to figure out how to park 100 plus people for wedding and reception on saturated ground tomorrow, as well as continue repairs on the flood damage….got down to the creek yesterday….all fencing, tire tanks, road gravel, etc is […]

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