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Wintertime Projects in the Present Moment

One of our wintertime projects is fixing up a better “intensive grazing system,” for our cows. Basically this means trying to fence in smaller areas for our cows to eat in, which utilizes our grass more efficiently. To do so we will be building about 2 miles of fence, in addition to the approximately 25 […]

Wintertime Ideals

January…..the middle of a month of colder weather ( I hate to use the word “winter”) always brings with it time to reflect, review, and renew our ideas and direction. This was and still is a time when those working with the physical rhythms of nature fix their equipment, check their seeds and supplies, and […]

Creation, Imagination, Visualization

Creation Imagination Visualization to bring it into the physical. God is creation, and as we are His children-creation is our birthright. But creation can only exist in harmony with His flow of energy. Pray for, meditate, discern His flow-then create! All of His flow is “others”. May we create, not for self, not at the […]

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