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Record flood damage…#3 update 5/05/17

Latest rain is another 4 inches…..finally supposed to stop and dry out for a few days….now have to figure out how to park 100 plus people for wedding and reception on saturated ground tomorrow, as well as continue repairs on the flood damage….got down to the creek yesterday….all fencing, tire tanks, road gravel, etc is […]

Record flood damage…..#2 update 5/02/17

We are going to slow down….some day….balance is all about purpose, variety, and creativity…..the key is the balance, which I never seem to get right!……put in 12 hours yesterday on the tractor, filling washouts with 6 truckloads of oversize rock brought in by dump truck….starting to look somewhat normal again around the office, etc, which […]

Record flood damage…..#1 update 4/30/17

Good morning….record! floods down here on the ranch…..road at the bottom is gone and a 4 foot deep ditch across it that we will start working on….have a big wedding Saturday so need to get all working again….lake held though the emergency spillway was used by lots of water….flooded the big barn with about one […]

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