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Creation, Imagination, Visualization

Creation Imagination Visualization to bring it into the physical. God is creation, and as we are His children-creation is our birthright. But creation can only exist in harmony with His flow of energy. Pray for, meditate, discern His flow-then create! All of His flow is “others”. May we create, not for self, not at the […]

Our four year old grandson

Our four year old grandson and his mother still live with us at home, and as many such families these days, the parents are divorced and the child goes back and forth between parents. His question for his mother was “why do I have to go back today?”, which he repeated over and over to […]

No ideas are new. They all exist.

Thoughts on the “thoughts” page No ideas are new. They all exist. But they are rediscovered by us, and as such can give us direction, and help for where we are at, right now, in our development toward the energy, the yearning inside of us that is God. None of these thoughts or ideas are […]

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