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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Crystal Creek Ranch is dedicated to offering and enhancing experiences in nature, in the belief that nature can provide an awareness, a closeness. and an appreciation of God not found in our man-made environments.

We present nature to people through the beauty and diversity of the ranch.

We help others to experience and learn about animals, plants, and the ranch environment through observation and interaction.

We encourage spiritual growth and the Christ Consciousness that is raised by our inner recognition of God in nature and ourselves.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all on a search for God, on a pursuit of the fruits of the spirit: peace, joy, patience, love, kindness, gentleness, and yes, even self control. Whether we may think these come from material things, or realize that these are spiritual first, they touch in all of us a truth and harmony, a oneness that is God. We feel that nature offers us a chance to experience this oneness, this harmonious symphony of the universe that is God.

We strive to be non-judgmental, and to realize that everyone’s journey begins exactly from where they are at, today, through their own God given free will. We strive to realize that true planting of the seeds of the fruits of the spirit involves “doing” first, of letting our actions themselves determine whether our words are worth listening to.

Nature teaches us that we can plant the seeds, that we can encourage their growth, that these seeds will reproduce themselves exactly in the nature of what the seed is, and that they can yield many times over. In patience… in due season…. in belief.


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