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Spiritual Retreats

Spring/Fall Spiritual Retreats for Groups
Want to give your students the time and place to reconnect to God?

Student Retreats

Crystal Creek Ranch offers two spiritual retreat periods for student groups when reduced lodging prices are in effect. Spring Retreat starts April 1st and runs through June 1st., with the Fall Retreat period starting September 1 and going through November 1st. Leaders of the group stay free of charge , and students pay $25 per person per night with a two night minimum. {one half our normal rate} We provide the beauty, serenity, and solitude with a variety of housing options, depending on the size and makeup of your group. You provide your own mix of recreation, relaxation, and spiritual renewal. We may also be able to provide you with a service project if you so desire…

Individual Retreats

We all at times feel the need for an individual retreat, a time of solitude, reflection, and meditation.

Removing ourselves from our normal routines and being by ourselves, in nature, allows us to enter into the process of recognizing the God within.

The ranch has many different areas available, ranging from wooded hills, rock outcroppings, secluded clearings, bubbling springs or beside a flowing creek. All offer their own interpretation of God’s harmony.

While we have no formal programs for individual retreats, we do realize their importance to our spiritual selves. We’re all at different places in terms of time we have, our financial resources, our physical comfort levels, and even how much solitude we do want. Give us a call and we’ll discuss what may be the best setting for you and your spiritual renewal.


Make a Reservation

Send us a message with your desired lodging, arrival date and number of nights you'd like to reserve. We'll contact you soon or call us at (573) 226-2222.

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