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Crystal Creek Ranch Therapeutic Riding

Crystal Creek Ranch Therapeutic Riding


Therapeutic riding teaches riding skills to children with disabilities, and enables them to gain strength and endurance, as well as many social and psychological benefits.  As part of our mission as a 501-c-3 public charity, there is no charge for the program, and all our instructors. volunteers, and administrators are giving their time and talents on an unpaid basis.

Building hope …

one hoof print at a time.

A release from the child’s physician and a visit with parent or guardian and child to determine needs and fill out paperwork will be conducted prior to beginning a session.  Parent/guardian will be expected to bring their child and assist as requested with each lesson. Each riding session will start with instructor assisting the rider to lead the pony or horse  to the grooming area.  The leading,  grooming,  and saddling portion of the lesson usually lasts about 15 minutes.  A structured curriculum is followed with developmental steps for horsemanship.  In the riding portion of the lesson the student is assisted  by the instructor and protected by leader &  side walkers.  The riding portion is about 30 minutes in length.  During this time an educational  curriculum  based on the child’s needs is implemented. The final part of the  lesson includes leading the horse back to  be groomed and rewarded by the student using a treat bucket.


Volunteers  are asked to commit to 2 hours per week for the 6-week session that runs from October – November, and Spring session April-May.  We will not be able to do a lesson if it is raining,  over 90 degrees,  under 50 degrees, or if the wind is above 25 mph. (Horses and children don’t respond well in high wind!)

If you would like to come to a volunteer training session, just call and also let us know when you would like to volunteer. We look forward to seeing you here in this special, peaceful place at Crystal Creek Ranch Therapeutic Riding 501(c)3. Directions: Crystal Creek Ranch is just 3 miles from Alley Springs on E-414, Eminence, Missouri!  Please see “location” on our website.
Call our Certified Spirithorse Equine-Assisted Healthcare Instructor, Tracy McVicker 417-934-5055 or 417-247-0097  for more information.


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